$ whoami

  • 유 병화 입니다
  • I’m Alfred UC
  • alfreduc is my nickname
  • https://aluc.io is my space

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  • I like Python
  • I like Ansible
  • I’m interested in Go
  • I’m interested in Infrastructure as code like terraform
  • I’m interested in GraphQL
  • I love Immutable something
  • I’m interested in DevOps
  • I like Vault
  • I like [Vagrant][vagrantup]
  • I like Kubernetes
  • I love Automation





  • I developed EPub Viewer (on Tizen)

  • I developed and released Gear2 WatchOn Remote remote

  • I developed Gear S Milk (Web client)

  • I developed Tizen TV Milk (Web client)

  • I developed Milk Web version watchonRemote

  • I developed and released Gear App Store Client (Mobile Web Version) gmw

  • I’m work on Galaxy App Store Server ([Java Spring Framework][https://spring.io/])

  • Special Thanks to @greglobinski

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